N9 Audio company since 2001, the original technology import from Germany, by the force of abundant acoustics co., LTD., authorized agent branch, is responsible for the integration of production and sales in mainland China area. Original factory original customs export, the original technology was introduced into, professional dedicated audio development and research. After company team focus for many years, now in the domestic complete product production chain has been completed, more than a decade under the company's unremitting efforts to perfect the production scale, the N9 audio products has reached domestic demand, mass production and export products to Germany, and form the cycle of global sales of industrial chain. True gold fears not the fire, force abundant company established since 2009, when the industry sales chain mature, promises the N9's full range speaker products will get long term 5 years warranty.
      N9 speaker products manufactured original sperker, cooperate with overseas famous Italian B&C "treble unit and the world's most famous speaker manufacturer" RCF "and" CIAER "bass unit. Different production processes, the rigorous work attitude. No matter from the quality and technology are now the international first-class level.
      Continuous innovation of the enterprise, will always stand on the top of the industry. N9 will continue adhering to the "science and technology create value, work and the future" development philosophy, committed to new product especially high-tech product research and development and production of ahead the development of the industry, with leading technology to win the market, to create first-class international brands.

Company quality policy
Quality is the first try for the best
Continuous improvement in customer satisfaction

Company tenet: being far the abundance of adult
Core values:
Loyal and trustworthy, public communication;
Respect for others, trust, and share the progress;
Have the courage to face significant challenges;
To the company to the customer to partner with passion;
Keep to the company to the customer's commitment to the partnership;
Good at self criticism, self improvement, never complacent;