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BD series of professional amplifier
With ON Semiconductor packaging amplifier on the tube, the perfect play sound. The use of imported materials customized filter electrolysis, to enhance low-frequency control. The use of imported NEUTRIK brand audio professional connectors, loss of sound quality transmission. Power is greater, the maximum power of two channels is 2400W / 8 Europe, four channels maximum power 1500W / 8 Europe. Ultra-high drive capability, ultra-low impedance affordability. T_D class power amplifier line, to achieve the whole machine up to 89% of the work efficiency, as well as Class A amplifier sound quality, and save energy Regulated switching power supply to ensure that the amplifier in the exchange of 190_260V environment, the output power is constant, not because the voltage decreases Made of phosphor bronze imitation car water tank radiator, with excellent straight-line short-range heat conduction cooling airway design, to provide better cooling effect. Industrial production, the use of our own equipment: automatic placement machine, automatic plug-in machine, wave soldering machine, programmable screw machine and other production, a high degree of consistency.
BD series
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