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Active Q series full range of neodymium magnetic units for mobile performance or installation to bring light. The product uses advanced computer software technology (LEAP) based on the speaker unit technical parameters based on the establishment of simulation models and electro-acoustic audio test software (DAAS) detailed test and analysis designed. Box simple and shiny, unique characteristics of the spread of the horn, sweet and delicate treble and with amazing clarity playback of various types of music material.
Technical Parameters
Product Application
System: 1 * 8 inch two frequency speakers
Frequency response: 70Hz-20KHz (-3dB)
Power: 250W (RMS) 1000W (PEAK)
Nominal impedance: 8Ω
Sensitivity: 95dB / 1W / 1M
Maximum sound pressure: 115dB (RMS) 121dB (PEAK)
Coverage angle: horizontal 90 ° vertical 60 °
Tweeter: custom high-quality neodymium magnetic unit, 36mm voice coil
Woofer: custom high-quality neodymium magnetic unit, 52mm voice coil
Hanging point: yes
Connector: NLV4MP
Bracket: base bracket hole 35mm
Handle: 1
Box material: CNC manufacturing, high density birch plywood
Paint treatment: the use of waterproof wear-resistant compounds
Size: (W * D * H) 240 * 240 * 440mm
Category: Class D Digital Amplifier Board
Output power: 2 * 300W (8Ω)
Output power: 2 * 600W (4Ω)
Frequency response: 20Hz-25KHz
Conversion efficiency:> 95%
DSP module: 24Bit Quantitaitve accuracy
Connection: RS485 protocol
Input impedance: balanced input: 40KΩ
Output impedance: <600R
Input sensitivity: 0.775V
Operating voltage: AC220V / 50 ~ 60Hz or AC110V / 50 ~ 60Hz (± 10%)
Weight: 11Kg