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The NKG-600 conference system is a professional conference microphone that is amplified and reasonably distributed through a collection of sounds. Built-in single-directional high-fidelity audio sound head, so that sound reduction is good, high definition, low noise, with a high awakening function. The chair unit has a priority function key that closes the representative unit at work at any time to facilitate control of the entire venue order. In the host unit at the same time the number of work with the microphone limit function switch, select "3" and "6" units, this feature can also be used for "answer" game occasions. Each system host can be connected to 60 microphone units, two hand-hand connection; plus expansion unit can accommodate up to 180 microphone unit, suitable for any small and medium-sized meetings and large international conferences. NKG-600 host unit Each system host can be connected to 60 microphone units, two-way series output with the number of simultaneous work microphone limit switch, select "3" or "6", with audio parallel output and 6.3 jack output Interface, conference process recording output interface
Conference system series
Technical Parameters
Product Application
NKG-600 host:
Each system host can connect 60 microphone units, divided into two series output
With the number of simultaneous working microphone limit switch, select "3" or "6"
Equipped with audio parallel output and 6.3 jack output interface
Conference process recording output interface
Rated voltage: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz
Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
Output impedance: REC: 200Ω
LINE: 200Ω
Signal to noise ratio: 78dB (1KHz THD1%)
Size: 485X220X50mm (19 "international standard rack)
Net weight: 3.2KG
NKG-600C / D:
Microphone ON / OFF with long life, no noise touch switch
When the microphone is on, the sound red work indicator lights up
The chairman unit has the right to speak at any time to close all delegate units
Type: Capacitive
Directivity: single directivity
Frequency response: 60Hz-16000Hz
Sensitivity: -47 ± 3dB @ 1KHz
Input voltage: 18V (host unit power supply)
Minimum output impedance: 1KΩ
Signal to noise ratio: 68dB (A)
Output socket: 8P terminal block
Data transmission line: 2.1m 8P shielded cable
Microphone net weight: 0.8KG
Accessories: wind sponge